The Silver Searcher. A code searching tool similar to ack, with a focus on speed.. Do you know C? Want to improve ag? I invite you to pair with me.. What's so great about Ag? It is an order of magnitude faster than ack.


The Silver Searcher. Like ack, but faster. Find files containing "foo", and print the line matches in context: ag foo.

Code-search similar to ack. the_silver_searcher. License: Apache-2.0. /api/formula/the_silver_searcher.json ( JSON  18 сен 2019 vim) для поиска файла в корневой директории проекта. В качестве команды долгое время использовал ag (The Silver Searcher) –  conda install. linux-64 v2.2.0; osx-64 v2.2.0. To install this package with conda run one of the following: conda install -c conda-forge the_silver_searcher You could avoid using while read : #!/bin/bash for mod in CGI CGI::Push ; do ag -- nogroup --filename --ignore=local "^use $mod" ./ done.

Ag silver searcher

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Floobits Status. #ag on Freenode. Do you know C? Want to  The Silver Searcher. Like ack, but faster. Find files containing "foo", and print the line matches in context: ag foo.

Canvastavla Light Inside The Darkness. från CHF 34.90 Canvastavla Searcher. från CHF 34.90 Canvastavla Deer In The Morning Mist. från CHF 34.90 

grey ore containing silver. case; Forsk||a, v. a, to investigate, to search —are, 7?l. inquirer, searcher.

Ag silver searcher

4 Dec 2013 Ignoring files with ag – silver searcher. The pattern for --ignore is not a regex like for -G . ag searchterm -G js$ # Only search Javascript files.

Ag silver searcher

Here are some benchmarks.

$ ag -G .php 'the meaning of the universe'. Life on the command line means grepping for things on   The largest and most up-to-date repository of Emacs packages.

Aren't they solving the same problem? How are them different? Wich is … @ag-grid-community/core ag-Grid Enterprise Features Streaming parser for the results produced by The Silver Searcher (aka `ag`) with the `--ackmate` flag.

The following command searches all files in your current directory for the string “main”. ag - Man Page. The Silver Searcher.
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It started off as a clone of Ack, bu 2013-05-21 Screen shots: Download: Download Silver Searcher 2.2 VirusTotal results: Change log: Description: text search like grep or ack The Silver Searcher (or Ag for short) A mostly-compatible clone of Ack. Written in C, mostly by Geoff Greer . It uses tricks like pthreads , memory-mapped IO , Boyer-Moore-Horspool strstr() , and PCRE's JIT to improve performance. 2014-04-18 2020-08-09 The Silver Searcher (ag) (commit cda635, using PCRE 8.38) - Like ack, but written in C and much faster.